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Carlos A. Zaldívar Herrera

Schooling: Graduated from the Vocational # 2 (high school, at the National Polytechnic Institute, IPN), graduated from the National Conservatory of Music (National Institute of Fine Arts, INBA), and two short careers in Publicity Drawing (Bribiesca Art School), and Publicity and Advertising at the Technical School of Publicity, ETP). All these studies took place in Mexico City based schools.

Documentation: Diplomas, all recognized and accepted by the Government Education Department (SEP), in English Proficiency, Oral and Written Translation, Teaching English as a Second Language (from the Dallas based CVC College), an International Diploma in English Phonics for Teachers, and Certification by the University of Cambridge (TKT) Band 4, Teacher’s Knowledge Test.

Married to an American wife (from Michigan) for 29 years, during which English became our only household language (my 5 children are also bilingual, with dual US/Mexican citizenship) and having lived abroad (11 different countries besides Mexico) for periods fluctuating from 6 months to 10 years, in the USA, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, where English is spoken, and Brazil, Indonesia y Japan, where I worked as an English Teacher for 10 years, I have had vast experience in the field of simultaneous translation (oral), and written translation, for more than 25 years. I have lived abroad for approximately 19 years.     

Besides English, I am also fluent in Portuguese, Indonesian, and Japanese, the last two at an advanced level, but English and Portuguese at advanced fluency level. I am prepared to offer translating for these last two.  

Presently, I am in the process of becoming a licensed Expert Translator in English and Portuguese, though already in exercise, translating from English to Spanish and vice versa, of technical machinery operating manuals, doing also simultaneous translations for conferences, classes and lectures with many years of experience (aprox. 30).

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México, D.F. -Av. Santa Fe #495
Col. Cruz Manca, Cuajimalpa, México, D.F. C.P. 05349
Tel:(55) 3300 7837
Monterrey-Batallón de San Patricio #109
Col. Valle Oriente San Pedro Garza García, N.L. México C.P. 66260
Tel:(81) 8625 6824
Saltillo- Periférico Luis Echeverría # 443
Col. Tecnológico Saltillo, Coahuila México C.P. 25280
Tel: (844) 430 8540

Contáctenos: Sin costo llame al 01 800 777 8540 -

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